AIIMS Hit By A Ransomware Attack


Ransomware attack is an act of breaking into computers and encrypting the files by a well crafted Malware  Asking for a ransom in order to decrypt the files

What is Ransomware Attack

AIIMS Pledged to go fully digital by April 2023, and is about to accept Smartcards and UPI Payments Also decided to promote Ayushman Bharat Account ID, for easy scan and share solution that Includes biometric and face authentication

AIIMS Tech History

On 23rd Nov, AIIMS suffered a Cyber Attack, and a power outage detected,  Later they noticed many file extensions have been changed, and realized a Ransomware attack put many lives at risk 

AIIMS Cyber Attack

After the attack AIIMS servers stopped and management have to go through on paper According to reports Hackers demanding Rs 200cr in cryptocurrency 

Hackers Demand Rs 200cr in Cryptocurrency 

This is not the First Time AIIMS faced a Cyber Attack

In 2019, 12cr gone from AIIMS bank account, later the two mastermind hackers were arrested by Authorities