Accessibility service the Dangerous feature of Android

Android's Accessibility service is the most abused Feature by Hackers After Analyzing few Popular Android Banking botnets  ( including Anibus, Teabot, Flubot) Families, We tried our best to share our Research Here What you have to know about the evil features and safeguard yourself from those type of malwares

Android's Accessibility service is a feature for The people with disabilities using Android Smartphone It can perform actions behalf of the users

Multiple Blue Rings

Accessibility Service tracks every event on your device, including touches, input fields

Can be used as Keylogger

Multiple Blue Rings

Accessibility Service can perform action, it can click on ads or can gain permission privileges, redirect users to fraud sites 

Can be used as auto clicker

Multiple Blue Rings

Accessibility Service can perform malicious actions, and do on device fraud, without user's notice

On Device Fraud

It Can Be Abused As


Escalate its permissions

Perform on device fraud

Prevent user from Uninstalling it

Disable Anti virus or Play protect

Even more

We have seen these evil features on almost all android banking malwares

Android 13 will limit the abuse of this feature, Google Taking it too seriously suspending the developers from Play store If your Device is infected with this type of malwares then you can remove them with ADB or any Third party package uninstaller

Android 13 Will Fight for this feature

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