Indian Government Planning To Ban VPN

By Basudev

VPNs are used for encrypted communications, which is also an advantage for cyber criminals, By using VPNs Anyone on the internet can mask their identity and hide their activity


What is VPN used for?

VPN are used to mention online privacy, as well as managing some access restrictions in firewalls of private networks

The Use Of VPNs has a wider scope


It Bypasses State imposed Restrictions

People use VPNs to access to the services blocked by their Governments and bypass surveillance

This is How VPN Work

VPN Almost Hides the IP address which is difficult to be tracked online


What does the committee suggest?

The committee suggested that the Ministry of Home Affairs should work with MeitY, and ISPs in the country, as well as with international agencies, to ban VPNs


What Govt Should Do Instead

Govt Should make some strict Policies so that the VPN services must share the logs with law agencies and allow corporates to use a VPNs while connecting to their internal networks